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Australian Accounting Packages

Arrow Research Corporation has been developing Australian Accounting Packages for over 20 years. We specialise in the development of Accounting and Business Management Software specifically for Small to Medium Sized Businesses. We have thousands of customers across Australia, we service client throughout Australia, from Cairns to Melbourne, Sydney to Perth.

Our software is suitable for a broad range of industries including:

We are 100% Australian owned and our software is developed in Australia for Australian businesses. Our software is responsive to the ever changing legislative and regulatory requirements of Australian Federal, State and Local Governments.

Australian accounting packages for Aussie businesses

Are you looking for a flexible, easy to use accounting solution which includes an Australian payroll module? Do you wish to better manage your business and improve your cash flow? Perhaps you are looking for an accounting package that has the following features:

Tencia Accounting Software

Tencia utilises Microsoft .NET technology to create a solution which offers:

Robust financial management and booking features.

Overcomes compatibility issues – Tencia offers a feature rich solution that bridges communication gaps of the past and offers superior flexibility for accessing and sharing information.

Advanced portability and third party integration – The solution has a layered design which enables the Tencia interface to be customised so that it can operate from a range of devices and with other software applications.

Real time data – Accurate and timely data is available, 24 hours a day from anywhere around the globe.

Personalised user experience – Tencia is a highly flexible solution that enables each individual user of the system to customise their user experience so that it aligns with their job role. For example, a Sales manager may need to access 5 key reports daily; therefore they will be created and saved to that users profile for easy access in the future.

Tencia is suitable for organisations with:

An accounting package rarely stands alone and often needs to be linked to other applications and systems including Customer Relationship Management systems, business intelligence dashboards, or warehousing systems, which means that it needs to be flexible enough to integrate easily with other software and systems. Tencia’s .NET architecture means that it can ‘talk’ to other systems more easily so that compatibility issues become a thing of the past.

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